I have always loved old furniture, I love the history each piece holds, they all have their own story.

Old pops chair

I found this passion soon after my Granddad “Old Pops” passed away, he had some old favourites that held so many memories but had seen better days and were in need of help. This is where Ant’s from Voodoo Molly Vintage came in, she took these pieces and gave them a makeover, a new lease of life. Each piece holds many stories from my childhood days and now they are in my home and the stories can be shared with my children.

My favourite was his favourite chair – the bain of my Nana’s existence, it did not match any of their furniture but he loved it.  To be honest everyone thought it was ugly so it was headed to the trash heap, I saw something else, I say the chair he used to sit in to play cards with me, to share his favourite sweets with me, and I saw that with some new upholstery and a lick of paint this chair could be used for me to sit at with my girls.

Ok so I may have got a little bit side tracked reminiscing a bit, so back to the reason for this blog….

I wanted to have a few more pieces for Party by Designs Vintage Collection and after scouring antique stores and Trade me I came across these two beauties, ok so they have amazing bones but needed a little help.

IMG_0755                                   IMG_0756

Ant’s now has a vintage paint range that is perfect for someone like me, someone who hates all the prep work involved, the sanding the priming etc, all you simply do is get your brush and paint.

I had so much fun painting these pieces and bringing them back to life, and I love the final results.

Small dresser upcycle                                                     Dresser upcycle

Now for all of you out there who have some old pieces of furniture at home you are thinking of chucking – why not get up cycling furniture and add a lick of paint check out how Voodoo Molly Vintage can help you

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