Yippee, its party time! Hey everyone, I’m Lizzie and my aim in life is to make sure that everyone in New Zealand is able to have a party any old time they feel like one! That’s why I created Lizzie’s Loot, the best place for affordable party supplies! So sit back, relax and let me explain how it works…..

Ribbon Garland 3Affordable Party Supplies For Everyone!

I love to party, but what I don’t love is having to spend heaps of time and money doing so. I totally get that people don’t  have the time to source out New Zealand’s best priced party supplies and don’t want to spend hours cleaning up after each of their parties. So I decided to make life easier and cheaper for my party friends and do all the hard work for them. I hunted out the best priced disposable party ware, paper plates, plastic cutlery and tablecloths and put them all in one place.

But I didn’t stop there.

Patterned Disposable Tableware Is So Funky

I not only hunted out the lowest priced tableware, I also made sure I got the best range of patterns and colours in the country!Who said cheap parties had to be boring? Not me! In fact, none of my parties are boring and that is because I have an enormous range of coloured paper cups, paper plates and serviettes. But I also have patterns! Stripes, polka dots and quatrefoil patterns are really popular at parties because they help add texture, theme and style.But I have forgotten to mention the best thing about my tableware…..you don’t have to do the dishes afterwards, as they just go into the rubbish bin. Ah, the perfect end to the perfect party.

3 colour fan images 1Party Decorations Everyone Can Afford

I love to decorate the rooms in which I hold my parties. But I don’t want to spend heaps of time and money doing it. That’s why my party decorations are reusable and easy to use. Many of my decorations are DIY, which saves you even more money, as well as giving you the chance to add that little special personal touch. I have a beautiful range of tissue pompoms, hanging garlands and ribbon tassles which I know will just look as stunning at your parties as they do at mine!

So if there is any doubt about where you need to get all your affordable party supplies from, fear no more! The only place you need to go is right here, at Lizzie’s Loot!


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