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Tips For Hosting A Digger Themed Birthday Party

Construction Dessert table for your Construction themed Party

Both young and old generations share a love of diggers. In fact, I have yet to meet a male who does not smile with fond memories of excavators or front end loaders. Little boys are especially keen on construction vehicles, so I’ve put together some great ideas to use at a digger themed birthday party. Digger Themed Birthday Party Ideas Sure To Wow I completely understand the attraction boys have to diggers and other construction machinery. That’s why I created the Construction Party Theme package, which takes all the hassle out of coming up with the decorations and tableware for busy parents. But as well as the goodies my package […]

Best Retro Party Food & Cocktail Ideas

Gee wiz, I totally adore a groovy retro themed party baby. Shimmering with glitter, rocking to the new beat and mixing my cocktails with adorable little cocktail stirrers. What could be any better…..retro party food dude! Unbeatable Retro Party Food & Cocktail Ideas As you know, I love parties sooooo much and when I was looking through some photos belonging to my Aunty Eleanor I saw some retro themed party goodness I just have to share with you. There was this one photo of Uncle Jimmy feeding Aunty Eleanor with some cheese fondue, with the table covered in retro party food such as club sandwiches, mini meatballs, cheese puffs, cupcakes […]

Mickey Mouse Themed Party On A Budget

Woah, hold your horses everyone. Have you seen the price of licensed Mickey Mouse themed party products! They are sooooo expensive and no one should not be able to have a Mickey party because of cost. So when my nephew Scotty was turning 7 and decided he could not do without Mickey and his friends at his party, I stepped forward and saved the day Lizzie Style of course! Easy and Cheap Mickey Mouse Themed Party Ideas Right, the first thing you’ll want to do is have the room and table looking like Mickey Mouse lives here. Think Mickey Mouse red, black and white. So have a red tablecloth with […]

10 Popular Baby Shower Games

Tummy bumps are a reason to celebrate. Well okay, only the ones that are made with babies that is! So what better way to get the party going than to have a collection of baby shower games ready for your guests to play. I’ve played some corny baby shower games in my time and some terrific games, but overall enjoyed myself. So I’ve popped together a collection of the 10 most popular baby shower games you can use too. Top 10 Baby Shower Games Onesie Decorating – each guest gets a plain all-in-one or onesie, which they are able to decorate for the new Mum and her baby. Use fabric […]

How to Host A Secret Surprise Party

Surprise! Ha, bet you knew I was going to say that! I mean, I am here to talk about surprise parties today. Isn’t that the old cliche though, because surprise parties are not really surprises. The person of honor usually finds out about their party has to be be all like, “Oh, wow, I never guessed that you were giving me a party!” I could tell you about the time my Aunty Eleanor turned 73, when my Uncle Jimmy decided to give her a big surprise knees up in their backyard and she found out about it. Then they got gatecrashed by some ‘young hooligans’ from the next street over. […]

Princess Party Favors She Will Love!

So you’ve decided to give your Little Princess a princess themed party? Whew, that’s the hard part taken care of – the decision about the party theme! Now the fun really starts with the choosing of the colours, decorations, tableware, food, party favors and dress-ups! Whoa, I hear you say! Well relax, I’ve actually done it all for you with my Princess Party Theme Package, but more about that later. It’s princess party favor time. Popular Princess Party Favors I’ve been to and held many princess themed parties and I have found that cute and small princess party favors seem to be the most popular. Some of my favourite ones […]

Best Mid Winter Party Ideas

Deck the halls with bells of snow balls, or something like that! But when it comes to mid winter party ideas, I’ve got a snow ball bunch of them to share with you, including some beautiful decoration ideas and how to make your table look like something out of a magazine! Mid Winter Party Ideas Parties totally rock no matter what the season, which is why I have them all year round. Over here in the Southern Hemisphere, some of us would love to have a winter, snowy Christmas, but the weather just doesn’t play ball. So we have started to have Christmas in July when ‘The weather outside is […]

Popular Party Themes For Boys

Construction Dessert table for your Construction themed Party

I’m not one to follow conventional ideas, so I don’t think little boys are made of frogs, snails or puppy dog tails! I do know they love them though! Many a time a snail escaped a dunk in the washing machine by making a getaway from my nephew’s trouser pockets, especially when they visited me and found what seemed to be the whole world’s population of snails in my garden! Totally gross and totally slimy! But snails besides, I do have a good handle on party themes for boys. 3 Awesome Party Themes For Boys Dinosaur Party Theme – Make a big ROARific birthday party by using dinosaurs as inspiration. […]

Does A Princess Party Have To Be Pink?

Birthday Cakes to match your Princess Party Theme for your Princess Dessert Table.

Pink and princess are two words which go together like peas in a pod at a princess party. With little girls happily dancing around in pink tutus, what could go wrong? Ha, well! I can sort you out on that one! Not every little princess likes pink and I am living proof of that. Okay, I do like the colour pink now I am a grown up princess, but as a little princess I thought it was the grossest colour ever! I suppose this might be a teeny bit weird to you, but I refused to touch, eat, drink or look at anything pink. It made eating candyfloss impossible, I’ll […]

Face Painting Ideas For A Birthday Party

Face Painting Entertainment

Do you remember the face painting Mums and Dads who ‘volunteered’ to paint the faces of kids at the school gala? I sure do! I was one of those eager little girls queuing up to become Cinderella or the harlequin clown. You know, the one with the black and white face, with the tear drop falling down! Luckily for our children, face painting paints and techniques have taken huge leaps and bounds over the past few years and there are even professional face painters who will do all the hard work for you – we have teamed up with some incredibly talented ones!! Popular Face Painting Ideas For Birthday Parties […]

Mad Science Themed Party Planning and Styling

Cake to match your Science Party Theme for your Science Themed Party Dessert Table.

Test tubes and beakers and whiskers on kittens. Brown litmus paper all tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things! Well maybe not my favourite in the entire world, but they sure go with my latest Mad Science themed party package Why science? Why not?! In fact, Mad Science is quickly becoming a really popular party theme, especially at the birthday parties of mad scientists! But seriously, science is all around us every day, so it is perfect to bring it into a party through quirky food, decorations and maybe even some science experiments. What I love about my Mad Science themed party theme is that […]

Affordable Party Supplies For Everyone!

Yippee, its party time! Hey everyone, I’m Lizzie and my aim in life is to make sure that everyone in New Zealand is able to have a party any old time they feel like one! That’s why I created Lizzie’s Loot, the best place for affordable party supplies! So sit back, relax and let me explain how it works….. Affordable Party Supplies For Everyone! I love to party, but what I don’t love is having to spend heaps of time and money doing so. I totally get that people don’t  have the time to source out New Zealand’s best priced party supplies and don’t want to spend hours cleaning up […]