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Table Centerpieces for Parties and Events

Vintage themed birthday party centrepieces

How to Create Table Centerpieces for an Adult Party  As an adult, we like different things at our parties. Candy floss, whistles and toy cars just won’t cut the mustard anymore. So learning how to create table centerpieces for an adult party is an important skill to master. Today I’m going to share with you some great tips and tricks on how to create table centerpieces for an adult Halloween party, Christmas party and a wedding. How to Create Table Centerpieces Which Won’t Break the Bank The trick with making affordable party table centrepieces is to think outside the box. As a focal point on your party table, a centerpiece […]

Gender Reveal Party Ideas you will love

Hessian Gender Reveal Party Bunting, It's A ....

 Gender Reveal Party Ideas You’re pregnant and looking for a fun way to share the sex of your baby! We’re certain your love our five-amazing gender reveal party ideas. Why? Because as Auckland’s party planning experts, we’ve had plenty of experience creating and planning gender reveal parties. We know what guests love and deliver the fun each and every time. So, we’ve put together our five-top gender reveal party ideas for you and your partner to try out for yourselves …   5 Gender Reveal Party Ideas Everyone Will Love No matter whether you are having your first or your fifth baby, finding out if you’ve got a boy or […]

Delightful Vintage Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Vintage themed birthday party centrepieces

As we grow older, it’s great to remember things from our youth. Hosting or even attending a vintage themed birthday party helps you do just that! That’s why I was so excited to be asked to style a vintage themed birthday party for Zoreen’s 80-year-old father. Tips on Styling a Vintage Themed Birthday Party Like with all my clients, I am happy to do as much or as little of the party styling for you. So when Zoreen contacted me, she had pretty much sorted most things. I was asked only to help give the tables a bit of love and attention. She had already decided upon a colour scheme, […]

Planning a Unicorn Party? We Can Help!

A unicorn party is a must for every girl! A Unicorn Party is a magical, glittery and romantic party theme. Unicorn parties are loved by girls big and small. I have to say, I am such a fan of unicorns that I’ve even wished I was one. Of course, I wanted to be the magical unicorn which farted rainbow sprinkles. Wishes are great, aren’t that? Ava Lilly had a wish which I loved helping her achieve. It was her fifth birthday and she wanted a Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Party! Who am I to say no to that. Here’s how I made it happen … Bringing a Pastel Rainbow Unicorn Party Dream […]

7 Fabulous Pink and Gold Themed Party Ideas

Pink and Gold Themed Party for 1st Birthday

7 Fabulous Pink and Gold Themed Party Ideas I recently had the fortune of styling a pink and gold themed party as a Pink Ribbon Day event. One of our local schools was hosting a morning tea with a goal to raise $500 for the cause. With the help of some generous donations, they exceeded this amount! The pink and gold themed party ideas we used brought a touch of magic to this special event. Pink and gold themed parties are not just for adults, with the colours working well for both young girls and tweens alike. I’m excited to share with you seven of my favourite pink and gold […]

How to Host a Jungle Themed Party

Jungle Themed Party

Hear the roar of a lion, see a zebra grazing at the waterhole and play jungle themed party games with us! As Auckland-based kid’s birthday party planners, we can do it all for you. Whether you’d like everything done for you or to buy or hire jungle themed accessories, we are your number one party shop. Let me share with you our best party games, decorating ideas and food to help celebrate your little monkey’s birthday! Hosting Your Own Children’s Jungle Themed Party Looking for unisex themed party ideas? A jungle themed party is great for both girls and boys. Full of adventure, animal noises, bright colours and new experiences, […]

Organising a Child’s Farmyard Themed Birthday Party

Book a Dessert table for you Farmyard themed birthday party

Kiwi kids love animals and a farmyard themed birthday party is at the top of their wish list! Get ready to party till the cows come home with our amazingly affordable farmyard themed birthday party ideas! How to Plan a Farmyard Themed Birthday Party The key to a great kid’s birthday party is in the planning. Set the scene right from the start by sending out barnyard themed invites. Either design your own with some clipart or download some predesigned sheep or cow invites. Have fun coming up with phrases such as ‘Come to our hoedown on Saturday” or “Cock-a-doodle Two! James would love you to come to his 2nd […]

Top 6 Beach Party Ideas for Kiwi Families

Beach Party Ideas

Top 6 Beach Party Ideas for Kiwi Families There’s more to summer than sunshine and swimming! Why not host a beach party for your family and friends? Perfect as an alternative to that Christmas roast at Nana’s or having your daughter’s birthday party inside at home, a beach party is a celebration to remember! New Zealand’s 6 Most Popular Beach Party Ideas I love a great party, no matter where it is. Recently I have styled a few amazing parties at some of Auckland’s most beautiful beaches. I find that the Auckland city beaches such as Mission Bay and Takapuna Beach are great family friendly beaches, with Piha and Muriwai […]

Karaka Christmas Party

Christmas Dessert table Decorations

Karaka Christmas Party Over the last year, Party By Design, has been doing things a bit different, and definitely a bit bigger! With our biggest event being the Karaka Christmas Party. I was approached by a local school in Karaka to be a part of their Christmas in Karaka: House and Garden Ramble. Local homes in close proximity were decorated in theme by various companies, all in the name of Charity for the local school. I was designated the beautiful house of the Chitty Family, what started as a small play room styling turned into three areas around the property. The Chitty’s Home was also the venue for the large […]

Happy Belated Easter

Happy belated Easter to you all. Having four days off this week for the kids was certainly well timed, as tired grumpy kiddies and homework don’t seem to be compatible in our house!! As I sit here at ridiculous o’clock (3am), I suddenly realised that sleep was evading me, possibly due to the two creme eggs i consumed as a cheeky little snack with my cup of tea, ok so maybe it was more than two creme eggs. So we have a tradition here where we hide plastic eggs around the house, both inside and out (each child has a certain colour), and they have to find all of their coloured eggs in […]

MIA- Best I start getting busy blogging about parties!!


MIA – Best I start getting busy blogging about parties!! Wow has it really been that long since I wrote my last blog? The last six months have been full on with wedding organisation (my own this time), with a fair amount of Party By Design parties and events thrown in the middle. In fact, the last 6 months have been the busiest Party by Design has seen since starting up several years ago, all of this adding to the lead up to my wedding! Not that i’m complaining, and thankfully neither were the recipients of the parties!!! I’ve branched out, with the products Party by Design now offer and can […]

A little bit of Up Cycling

I have always loved old furniture, I love the history each piece holds, they all have their own story. I found this passion soon after my Granddad “Old Pops” passed away, he had some old favourites that held so many memories but had seen better days and were in need of help. This is where Ant’s from Voodoo Molly Vintage came in, she took these pieces and gave them a makeover, a new lease of life. Each piece holds many stories from my childhood days and now they are in my home and the stories can be shared with my children. My favourite was his favourite chair – the bain […]