Rainbow Ribbon GarlandsGee wiz, I totally adore a groovy retro themed party baby. Shimmering with glitter, rocking to the new beat and mixing my cocktails with adorable little cocktail stirrers. What could be any better…..retro party food dude!

Unbeatable Retro Party Food & Cocktail Ideas

As you know, I love parties sooooo much and when I was looking through some photos belonging to my Aunty Eleanor I saw some retro themed party goodness I just have to share with you. There was this one photo of Uncle Jimmy feeding Aunty Eleanor with some cheese fondue, with the table covered in retro party food such as club sandwiches, mini meatballs, cheese puffs, cupcakes and mini beef wellingtons. But in his left hand, Uncle Jimmy held this cocktail glass with a cherry on a stick resting in it. That one photo got me thinking bout how I could create the ultimate retro party food and cocktails!

Paper Plates OrangeSo what I did was plan my food menu first. I hunted out a recipe for cheese fondant and brought one of those old pottery fondant makers with the burner underneath from the local op-shop. I practiced making little asparagus roll ups with white bread and mayonaise and creating cute little cucumber, beef and horseradish club sandwiches with the crusts cut off, of course!

I made cheese puffs by the dozen, adding some blue cheese to spice things up a bit and finally made some cupcakes which I covered with white icing and those little silver balls on top – you know the ones we were afraid to eat just in case our parents had gone mad and were trying to make us eat marbles or rocks or something.

As for retro cocktails, my repetoire now includes Side Cars, Harvey Wallbangers and Mint Juleps. I had to sneak Pinacoladas into the mix, because they are a yellowish colour which is my favourite! My advice would be to gather some friends and family around for a sleepover a couple of weeks before the party to test making them all out on them.

Plastic tablecloth yellowBut wait, I hear you say. How did you decorate your party venue? Very easily, as I stuck with a rainbow retro colour theme and used a rainbow silk ribbon table skirt, some orange paper plates, lime green paper cups and a yellow tablecloth. It was time to be all out there with this party theme!

I’d love to see some photos of your retro themed party and hear about the food and cocktails you end up choosing to serve to guests. Maybe you could even send an invite my way and I’ll put on my best beehive hairstyle for you! So get in touch dude!

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