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A work space for Party by Design

The Couch, The Dining Table, The Kitchen Bench…… In your house these are probably a place most people sit to eat food, relax or catch up with friends and family over a coffee (or wine). In mine these have at any one time served as my office, Laptop set up with a mess (creative of course) surrounding me.   Of course I do actually have an office dedicated to Party by Design, but a lot of times this is a Creative (danger) zone, this is where styling takes place so the floor is usually covered with materials, candy jars and props. This leaves very little space for me to get to my […]

Entertainment for the Troops

Let me set the scene….. The kids are running amuck, your bed has become a trampoline for 5 kiddies, a tornado has visited the children’s room and the cake has finger holes in it. Not to mention the unsuccessful games you have organised – kids crying as they did not win…. This is where an amazing entertainer can save the day. Now what about this…. All the kids laughing and giggling, the look of utter amazement on their faces as they are kept entertained and amused with games and drama. Amazing balloon animals of their choosing and not to mention the beautiful face painting that will have them staring at […]

‘Tis the Season for Design with a Christmas Dessert Table

Event Styling of a Dessert table for a Corporate Event

Beautifully Styled Dessert tables should not just for birthdays and baby showers. A Christmas themed dessert table certainly is the finishing touch to any Xmas Celebration. It did not take long for the creative juices to start flowing when a customer recently asked me to design and create a Dessert Table for her upcoming Family Christmas Lunch. I knew exactly the look I wanted, so first step was shopping….. Followed quickly by me creating a very large mess while getting crafty, this time in aide of handmade Ribbon Wreath   Unfortunately the mess does not end there, I have a Studio where all the design work takes place, the floor is always […]

Getting Crafty

So I have been getting a little crafty in aide of an Xmas Dessert Table. One of my customers has requested a Christmas Dessert Table to add a little wow factor to their family Christmas. I just love the look of Ribbon Topiary’s and Wreaths so I decided to create one for the backdrop.   What I forgot was how much work (and mess) is involved, oh and did I mention how many pin pricks. But once I have an idea and the supplies there is not much stopping me. I really should have remembered after the hours spent creating these. I have been juggling work with sick children but […]

Crazy over Cakes

As Julian Child’s would say ” A Party without a cake is just a meeting” As a child I grew up with amazing birthday cakes made by my very talented Nana. I remember fondly sitting down with her before my birthday and flicking through the Women’s Weekly Kids Cake book, from Dolly Varden Dolls to Horse Carousels they were always the highlight of my party. When my youngest turned 1 I wanted to pass down this tradition, I quickly learnt that this was not a talent I had inherited, lets just say my cakes were a big flop. It was then I decided to create my own tradition of beautifully […]

Final Touches

From food boxes to party favours, when it comes to the final touches I love getting creative. Miss nearly 5 has spent the last year planning her big 5th birthday, counting down the months, weeks and then days. Over the year she has changed her mind on the party theme many a time and finally chose the Rainbow Themed Party Package. The great thing about owning Party by Design is I have very little to do when it comes to styling my girls parties, but I can’t help myself and I have to get creative and add some personal touches. This year it was in the way of Food/Party Favour boxes […]

Mad Science Dessert table

We all have a little bit of Mad Scientist in us – I know I sure do. This post is better late than never but this theme has been on my mind lately as I have been designing and creating decorations to turn this into a Children’s themed party package. Elias and Elijah were turning 6 and they are Science mad, so of course it mad sense to create them a Mad Science Dessert table. Now a little fun fact, I have a Bachelor degree in Science and styling this dessert table was the closest I have been to using my degree in about 10 years. I wanted to create the feel […]

Sesame Street Custom Dessert table

Custom Party “Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street” So as I am typing this the Sesame Street theme song is now on repeat in my head, mind you I suppose it could be worse “let it go” maybe. Ava was turning 1 and Miss Ava just loves Sesame Street. Her Mum wanted a Sesame Street Inspired Party in pink and girly tones. I wanted to make this a fun colourful theme and using Abby Caddaby as my inspiration chose to work with a pink, teal and yellow colour palette. Of course I had to incorporate the ever famous Sesame Street Sign.       I chose […]

Party by Design takes over the house.

It’s not mess it’s creativity   A recent study conducted showed that those with a messy desk were more prone to creativity. That is what I tell myself every time I look at my workspace while in creative mode. It makes me feel better I suppose. It is a common joke about how much I love to organise and tidy my house, at one point my daughters draws had labels on them “Long Sleeved Tops”. I have always believed the saying “A place for everything and everything in its place. Then why is my workspace so chaotic – creativity maybe? When working I love to take up as much space as […]


Or Save Our Party as I like to call it. A few days before the start of the school holidays I get a phone call from a rather stressed Mum desperate for help, her daughters birthday the following week was all planned and organised, or so she thought. At the last minute her party stylist cancelled, leaving her with a very excited child and guests expecting a Safari themed Party. With school holidays around the corner we had planned a family vacay to Rotorua leaving on the Sunday. As Safari is not one of our themed party packages a customisation would be in order. With so much to organise with […]

Child’s Birthday party Invitation Etiquette

Invitation Etiquette Who would have known that there was such thing as invitation etiquette, certainly not me But I thought I would do a little digging and find out what this was all about. We all know that there are a few things to include when sending out and invitation to your child’s birthday party, from date, time, address and rsvp. But did you know that there is etiquette about when and how you send these out, on doing some reading I see that these have relevance, so below are some helpful tips. When do I send out invitations? It is a great idea to send out invitations at least […]

Inviting Guests to your Children’s Birthday Party

Who’s coming? When it comes to organising a child’s birthday party there is a lot to think about, Pirate vs Superhero themed party, chocolate or vanilla cake, entertainer or crafts, at home or a venue. Funnily enough these are the easy decisions, but when it comes to writing the guest list most of us get frazzled, well I know I do. Questions like Do I invite their friends siblings Do I invite the kids parents How many kids do I invite Do I invite Family Strange as it may sound I have done quite a bit of research on this (yes I know what a geek) When it comes to […]