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Bun in the oven, Up the duff, Knocked up, In the family way.

I kind of prefer these to how I was described when I was pregnant with my first; I have to admit carbs were my friend and maybe that is why I ended up “as big as a house”. But we all know that every Mumma to be deserves a day that is all about her (it may be the last time for a while), what better way to do this than with a baby shower. Baby showers were traditionally a day where experienced Mums would share their wisdom: fingers crossed it was not the same wisdom I was given by my great Aunty “if baby can’t sleep a little bit […]

Party Favours

Party Favours Kids love Party Favours, well I know my children do. I remember being at a birthday party a few years ago when Miss 7 (then 4) spotted the party favours, I told her she would get one when we leave – “Mum I want to go home now” followed shortly after (clever much?) Me – well not so much, little bags filled with those noise blower things that the kids insist on blowing the whole car ride home. But I know the importance of them, the kids love them and they are a great way to say thank you to the guests. I always try and do something […]

How many more sleeps?

Tissue Tassel Garlands - Blue

We hear this question a lot in our house, Miss 4 or should I say Miss 4 1/2 as she likes to remind everyone is so excited to start school. Since turning 4 she has talked non-stop about turning 5 – this certainly must be a child thing as you won’t find me that excited to turn a year older. With her 3 older sisters at school she is so impatient to join them at “big school”, she even sneaks into their room to dress up in their school uniform, right down to their over sized shoes.   It is safe to say we will need to do a few alterations to […]

Choose a Prop, Pose and Say Cheese!!

Photobooth with props for Superhero Party

Photo booths and Photo boards are the new must have at any child’s party. Take one child who loves to dress up and have their photo taken, add a photo booth or photo board and voila you have this:     Each of our themes have either a photo booth or photo board, all of which are theme specific. My 4 girls love to dress up, but they love even more to help me with work. So one afternoon 6 months ago I thought it would be a good idea to get out all the photo boards/photo booths and props for each theme and get a little snap happy. Now I […]

How to Make your Party a Stress Free Event!

No more pulling out your hair or running yourself ragged for the weeks before the party. We all want to sit back and relax and take in the fun (or chaos) of our children’s birthday parties don’t we? But how? Well let me share some tips to making your next party stress free. HIRE PARTY BY DESIGN: Of course you knew I was going to say this, but hey it is true.  You don’t have worry about organising all the decorations, costumes, tableware etc just leave this to us, we can even come and setup the party for you. ENTERTAINMENT: A great entertainer is invaluable they can keep the little ones occupied […]

Will Turns 1!

Will Turns 1! &  It’s time to celebrate   Will is my Best Friend Nikki’s Son; last year we styled her Daughter Eden’s first birthday in Rainbow Extravaganza, but this year we did something a little different. Will loves Mickey Mouse, not one of our Themed Party Packages, Nikki was happy to go with something simple as she did not want me to invest to much time into creating a new theme. Simple is not a word in my dictionary and those who know me well know how much I love to get creative. It was my present to Will, I I wanted him to celebrate in style, well really […]

Confused Much?

Confused Much? There is so much Jargon, which we all use in the world of Facebook and on our websites. Words we use everyday in the industry to make us sound fancy and like we know what we are talking about but words that sometimes leave everyone else baffled or with that glazed over look, like “I lost you at Apothecary” I know I am guilty of being to embarrassed to ask. “What does that mean”. This happens a lot in business, mainly when I am talking to the Accountant. But if I am being honest it is not just in business, now I may get myself in trouble here, […]

Who am I?

Who am I If you asked me 10 years ago while I was at university studying for a BSc if I saw myself running my own business I would have laughed and said no way. But here we are in our 2nd year of business. When my youngest turned 18 months old I started getting itchy feet, I think this happens to a lot of Mums when their babies become toddlers and gain a little independence.  I started going crazy organizing cupboards, restyling rooms, oh and did I mention organising cupboards? But there are only so many times you can change a room around and/or clean a cupboard before people start […]

Let’s Party

Wow! What a ride it’s been since setting up Party by Design in 2013 – exciting, funny, creative, and crazy-busy. And all those other adjectives. But here we are with our new website and booking system, rearing to go and to bring fab parties to party-goers of all ages (and sizes). Our concept was really quite simple based around the challenge  – why should themed parties be reserved for Hollywood types? If you can imagine it surely you can do it, and we didn’t have any shortage of ideas. That’s the thing with children – they are full of creative energy and the ideas just kept coming. So I employed a […]