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Let it go, Let it go – A Frozen Themed Party

Now we have all heard this song over and over and over again in our homes sang loudly and out of tunes by our little ones, or it we admit it by us too. It is every girls dream to be a princess, to wear a beautiful dress and have magical powers. Mind you when I think about it I would love to be a princess, and one of my many powers would be the power of duplication, I would love to be able to multiply myself so I could get everything done. Princess Shiza was turning 5 and she too is crazy about all things frozen, so it was […]

Top 10 Baby Shower Games

Tummy bumps are a reason to celebrate. Well okay, only the ones that are made with babies that is! So what better way to get the party going than to have a collection of baby shower games ready for your guests to play. I’ve played some corny baby shower games in my time and some terrific games, but overall enjoyed myself. So I’ve popped together a collection of the 10 most popular baby shower games you can use too. Top 10 Baby Shower Games Onesie Decorating – each guest gets a plain all-in-one or onesie, which they are able to decorate for the new Mum and her baby. Use fabric […]

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

The shop did not have any, I am allergic to them, the cats are scared of them…… What you ask, are these excuses for? I would like to say it was about Milk or Eggs or something serious but no. It is balloons. I have always had a huge dislike of balloons, I hate how they taste when you blow them up, I hate how hard they are to tie up, not to mention the noise when they pop, but most of all I hated how tacky and cheap they looked – you could call me a balloon snob. Hi, my name is Lizzie and I am a balloon snob. […]

Oh So Sweet Candy Buffet’s

Cookie Jars for hire

Candy Buffet’s are the new black. Along with Dessert Tables, Candy Buffet’s are a must have at every event. Limited not just to Children’s Birthday Parties these are now proving to be a popular addition to engagements, baby showers and weddings. Old and young are drawn to these sweet and mouth watering candy displays, let your guests take a trip down memory lane as they chomp down on Jet Planes, Pineapple Lumps …. the options are endless. Apothecary Jars as they are known in the industry (AKA Candy Jars) beautifully display these sweet delights. From tall elegant Jars to Vintage Ribbed and Retro Chic ones. Candy buffets are a great alternative to having a cake […]