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MIA- Best I start getting busy blogging about parties!!


MIA – Best I start getting busy blogging about parties!! Wow has it really been that long since I wrote my last blog? The last six months have been full on with wedding organisation (my own this time), with a fair amount of Party By Design parties and events thrown in the middle. In fact, the last 6 months have been the busiest Party by Design has seen since starting up several years ago, all of this adding to the lead up to my wedding! Not that i’m complaining, and thankfully neither were the recipients of the parties!!! I’ve branched out, with the products Party by Design now offer and can […]

Let it go, Let it go – A Frozen Themed Party

Now we have all heard this song over and over and over again in our homes sang loudly and out of tunes by our little ones, or it we admit it by us too. It is every girls dream to be a princess, to wear a beautiful dress and have magical powers. Mind you when I think about it I would love to be a princess, and one of my many powers would be the power of duplication, I would love to be able to multiply myself so I could get everything done. Princess Shiza was turning 5 and she too is crazy about all things frozen, so it was […]

Tips For Hosting A Digger Themed Birthday Party

Construction Dessert table for your Construction themed Party

Both young and old generations share a love of diggers. In fact, I have yet to meet a male who does not smile with fond memories of excavators or front end loaders. Little boys are especially keen on construction vehicles, so I’ve put together some great ideas to use at a digger themed birthday party. Digger Themed Birthday Party Ideas Sure To Wow I completely understand the attraction boys have to diggers and other construction machinery. That’s why I created the Construction Party Theme package, which takes all the hassle out of coming up with the decorations and tableware for busy parents. But as well as the goodies my package […]