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MIA- Best I start getting busy blogging about parties!!


MIA – Best I start getting busy blogging about parties!! Wow has it really been that long since I wrote my last blog? The last six months have been full on with wedding organisation (my own this time), with a fair amount of Party By Design parties and events thrown in the middle. In fact, the last 6 months have been the busiest Party by Design has seen since starting up several years ago, all of this adding to the lead up to my wedding! Not that i’m complaining, and thankfully neither were the recipients of the parties!!! I’ve branched out, with the products Party by Design now offer and can […]

Balloons, Balloons, Balloons

The shop did not have any, I am allergic to them, the cats are scared of them…… What you ask, are these excuses for? I would like to say it was about Milk or Eggs or something serious but no. It is balloons. I have always had a huge dislike of balloons, I hate how they taste when you blow them up, I hate how hard they are to tie up, not to mention the noise when they pop, but most of all I hated how tacky and cheap they looked – you could call me a balloon snob. Hi, my name is Lizzie and I am a balloon snob. […]

Mickey Mouse Themed Party On A Budget

Woah, hold your horses everyone. Have you seen the price of licensed Mickey Mouse themed party products! They are sooooo expensive and no one should not be able to have a Mickey party because of cost. So when my nephew Scotty was turning 7 and decided he could not do without Mickey and his friends at his party, I stepped forward and saved the day Lizzie Style of course! Easy and Cheap Mickey Mouse Themed Party Ideas Right, the first thing you’ll want to do is have the room and table looking like Mickey Mouse lives here. Think Mickey Mouse red, black and white. So have a red tablecloth with […]

Affordable Party Supplies For Everyone!

Yippee, its party time! Hey everyone, I’m Lizzie and my aim in life is to make sure that everyone in New Zealand is able to have a party any old time they feel like one! That’s why I created Lizzie’s Loot, the best place for affordable party supplies! So sit back, relax and let me explain how it works….. Affordable Party Supplies For Everyone! I love to party, but what I don’t love is having to spend heaps of time and money doing so. I totally get that people don’t  have the time to source out New Zealand’s best priced party supplies and don’t want to spend hours cleaning up […]