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Top 6 Beach Party Ideas for Kiwi Families

Beach Party Ideas

Top 6 Beach Party Ideas for Kiwi Families There’s more to summer than sunshine and swimming! Why not host a beach party for your family and friends? Perfect as an alternative to that Christmas roast at Nana’s or having your daughter’s birthday party inside at home, a beach party is a celebration to remember! New Zealand’s 6 Most Popular Beach Party Ideas I love a great party, no matter where it is. Recently I have styled a few amazing parties at some of Auckland’s most beautiful beaches. I find that the Auckland city beaches such as Mission Bay and Takapuna Beach are great family friendly beaches, with Piha and Muriwai […]

Karaka Christmas Party

Christmas Dessert table Decorations

Karaka Christmas Party Over the last year, Party By Design, has been doing things a bit different, and definitely a bit bigger! With our biggest event being the Karaka Christmas Party. I was approached by a local school in Karaka to be a part of their Christmas in Karaka: House and Garden Ramble. Local homes in close proximity were decorated in theme by various companies, all in the name of Charity for the local school. I was designated the beautiful house of the Chitty Family, what started as a small play room styling turned into three areas around the property. The Chitty’s Home was also the venue for the large […]

Let it go, Let it go – A Frozen Themed Party

Now we have all heard this song over and over and over again in our homes sang loudly and out of tunes by our little ones, or it we admit it by us too. It is every girls dream to be a princess, to wear a beautiful dress and have magical powers. Mind you when I think about it I would love to be a princess, and one of my many powers would be the power of duplication, I would love to be able to multiply myself so I could get everything done. Princess Shiza was turning 5 and she too is crazy about all things frozen, so it was […]

How to Host A Secret Surprise Party

Surprise! Ha, bet you knew I was going to say that! I mean, I am here to talk about surprise parties today. Isn’t that the old cliche though, because surprise parties are not really surprises. The person of honor usually finds out about their party has to be be all like, “Oh, wow, I never guessed that you were giving me a party!” I could tell you about the time my Aunty Eleanor turned 73, when my Uncle Jimmy decided to give her a big surprise knees up in their backyard and she found out about it. Then they got gatecrashed by some ‘young hooligans’ from the next street over. […]

Popular Party Themes For Boys

Construction Dessert table for your Construction themed Party

I’m not one to follow conventional ideas, so I don’t think little boys are made of frogs, snails or puppy dog tails! I do know they love them though! Many a time a snail escaped a dunk in the washing machine by making a getaway from my nephew’s trouser pockets, especially when they visited me and found what seemed to be the whole world’s population of snails in my garden! Totally gross and totally slimy! But snails besides, I do have a good handle on party themes for boys. 3 Awesome Party Themes For Boys Dinosaur Party Theme – Make a big ROARific birthday party by using dinosaurs as inspiration. […]

Does A Princess Party Have To Be Pink?

Birthday Cakes to match your Princess Party Theme for your Princess Dessert Table.

Pink and princess are two words which go together like peas in a pod at a princess party. With little girls happily dancing around in pink tutus, what could go wrong? Ha, well! I can sort you out on that one! Not every little princess likes pink and I am living proof of that. Okay, I do like the colour pink now I am a grown up princess, but as a little princess I thought it was the grossest colour ever! I suppose this might be a teeny bit weird to you, but I refused to touch, eat, drink or look at anything pink. It made eating candyfloss impossible, I’ll […]