Photo booths and Photo boards are the new must have at any child’s party.

Take one child who loves to dress up and have their photo taken, add a photo booth or photo board and voila you have this:




Each of our themes have either a photo booth or photo board, all of which are theme specific.

My 4 girls love to dress up, but they love even more to help me with work. So one afternoon 6 months ago I thought it would be a good idea to get out all the photo boards/photo booths and props for each theme and get a little snap happy. Now I usually leave all of  Party by Design’s  photography to my talented friend Sarah from Moments photography, but I thought “how hard can it be to take a few quick shots of the kids”

Who was I kidding, first of all the kids had just finished a long day at school and were all a little cranky, ok so lets be honest I was a little cranky too from a long day at work. Take one Miss 5 who dreams of being a princess when she grows up (I will save that story for another day) and only wanted to wear a crown and jewels and could not understand why a superhero would not wear these plus add one Miss 4 who would not stand still long enough for a photo and 8 themes to photo in an hour and you have a lot of chaos and a very stressed Mum.

But after a few hiccups we got there in the end and so great photos of the kids having a blast. But it is safe to say next time I will calling Sarah for her help – I will stick to my day job.


photo booths

Photo booths and photo boards are a great way to entertain the kids, they let them use their imagination and are brilliant at helping the shyer, quieter children come out of their shells.

Let the parents snap away with their phone cameras, or provide a camera for them to use. I love to use my polaroid camera and give the pictures to the kids to take home with them. The pictures you take can also be used for thank you cards.

Why not talk to us about hiring our polaroid camera for your next party.



Keep Smiling.



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