Confused Much?

There is so much Jargon, which we all use in the world of Facebook and on our websites. Words we use everyday in the industry to make us sound fancy and like we know what we are talking about but words that sometimes leave everyone else baffled or with that glazed over look, like “I lost you at Apothecary”

I know I am guilty of being to embarrassed to ask. “What does that mean”. This happens a lot in business, mainly when I am talking to the Accountant. But if I am being honest it is not just in business, now I may get myself in trouble here, but when I listen to my partner who works in the medical field, conversations about tachycardia, MI’s, etc. leave me with that glazed over look, all I can say is “I LOVE GOOGLE”

All sounds a little Fancy Nancy really. “Bonjour – that is a fancy word for hello”

So I wanted to save you that embarrassment and give you a little dictionary of terms Party by Design uses quite often.

  • Apothecary

Apothecary jars is a fancy word for glass/ candy jars. Here’s some more honesty (wow I am being so honest today) I have only just learnt how to spell and say this word, maybe I should just stick to candy jars.




  • Dessert Buffett

Sometimes referred to as “ Dessert table” These are our beautiful tables which include a canopy and backdrop and are designed to be used to display cakes, cupcakes and desserts. You know the one the kids look at the whole party just waiting for the time they can get their mouth around that yummy looking cake.

  • Candy Bar

We have two types of Dessert table packages. Our Dessert table Package which includes decorations, tableware and linen (backdrop, tablecloth) and our Candy bar Package includes everything in the dessert table package with the addition of cake stands and Candy Jars (see I used the easy word).



  • Printables

Party printables are digital files that you download to your computer and print off. They include food labels for the dessert table, cupcake wrappers, cupcake flags, thank you tags, water bottle labels. I personally love printables as they can be used to customise and personalise your party

  • Photoboard

This is a fancy word for a “Face in the hole board” See Photo board sounds so much better.


  • Photobooth

This is one of the hottest things in party land at the moment. Take a backdrop, props, a pirate ship/castle cutout, photo frame or ticket booth, a camera and some willing kids and voila you have a very cool way to take photos of your guests being goofy. These make great thank you cards too.

Circus photo booth

Ok so I think I have covered most of the big words.


Au Revoir (that’s a fancy word for goodbye)


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