Pink and princess are two words which go together like peas in a pod at a princess party. With little girls happily dancing around in pink tutus, what could go wrong?

Ha, well! I can sort you out on that one! Not every little princess likes pink and I am living proof of that. Okay, I do like the colour pink now I am a grown up princess, but as a little princess I thought it was the grossest colour ever! I suppose this might be a teeny bit weird to you, but I refused to touch, eat, drink or look at anything pink. It made eating candyfloss impossible, I’ll tell you!

Anyway, what I am getting at is that a princess party does not have to use pink anywhere in the theme to look totally awesome and have stunning Lizzie Style.

Princesses Love Rainbow Colours!

Glitter garlandsLet me tell you about a rainbow themed princess party I did for my sister’s BFF’s daughter (whew – got that?). The little princess was turning seven, which everyone knows is THE age where being a princess is so important. Like me she has great taste and hated pink too. So I decorated the walls of the party room with circle rainbow garlands (which I artistically made myself!), as well as the rainbow Happy Birthday garland which I hung just above the dessert table. I used a white tablecloth to help all my tableware and decorations stand out, ’cause everyone needed to see them, not my table top!

For the tableware I had a big think and decided to use purple as my main colour. Hello – Princess Sophia – and yup, I got it spot on with that! I added some purple tissue tassle garlands around the sides of the dessert table and wow, it looked super cool! And super Lizzie Style too!

Princess Party Colours Other Than Pink!

But hey, your princess might not be a rainbow fan and that’s cool. So some other totally beautiful princess party colour combinations are:

  • Blue and Aqua – think Ana from Frozen party theme
  • Purple and White – think Sophia the First party theme
  • Blue, Red and Yellow – think Snow White party theme
  • Red, Purple and Green – think Ariel party theme
  • Yellow – think Belle party theme

If you get stuck with choosing what colours other than pink to use at your princess party, give me a Belle – (get it? Bell! Me the grown-up princess who does NOT wear pink!) and I’ll be sure to give you some great Lizzie advice on choosing the perfect colour for your princess!


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