Gender Reveal Party Ideas

You’re pregnant and looking for a fun way to share the sex of your baby! We’re certain your love our five-amazing gender reveal party ideas. Why? Because as Auckland’s party planning experts, we’ve had plenty of experience creating and planning gender reveal parties. We know what guests love and deliver the fun each and every time. So, we’ve put together our five-top gender reveal party ideas for you and your partner to try out for yourselves …


5 Gender Reveal Party Ideas Everyone Will Love

No matter whether you are having your first or your fifth baby, finding out if you’ve got a boy or a girl is so exciting! Why not share that excitement with friends and family by hosting a party to reveal your baby’s gender to everyone at the same time? Best of all, you don’t have to do any work because we can organise everything for you with our Gender Reveal Party pack. But there will be one thing you’ll want to plan and that’s how you’ll announce if you’re having a boy or a girl! Here are five ideas to help you decide:

Balloon Reveal – fill a large box with either pink or blue helium balloons. Once the box is opened, they’ll rise and all will be revealed!

Filled Cupcakes – organise a bakery to create you some cupcakes filled with either a pink or blue filling. Once you bite into them, everyone will know what you’re having.

Dress Up – ask your guests to arrive in either pink or blue showing the sex they think you are having. At the end of the party, let everyone know who guess correctly and the winners take home a small prize such as a cupcake or a balloon.

Create a Painting – hollow out some raw eggs by putting a pinhole at each end of the egg and blowing the contents out. Using a syringe, fill the eggs with either pink or blue paint. Ask your guests to throw their eggs together at a large canvas. The colour paint will soon tell them what you’re having!

Pinata – fill a piñata with either pink or blue confetti. Ask guests to take turns having a swing to crack it open. Surprise!

Decorating Your Gender Reveal Party

When it comes to baby pink and baby blue party decorations, we’ve got you covered. With a large selection of balloons, table cloths, napkins, partyware and party hire equipment, we’re Auckland’s one stop party shop

If you’d like some help planning your party or want to book our party planning help, send us a message through our website today.

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