I remember fondly the nervous anticipation to find out weather bump was a boy or a girl, not everyone finds out but I am a well know control freak and I wanted to know everything. But most off all I wanted to decorate babies room complete with name.

With my oldest I was sure I was having a Boy, I think this was more the “I am not sure I can handle a teenage girl like I was, so a boy would be much easier”.

But when the Sonographer told me we were having a wee girl I cried with Joy (maybe a little fear, but mostly joy) and then went straight home to design the babies room complete with her name “Ella”. With Number 2 I knew straight away it was a girl – the pregnancies were just too similar.

I would not change my girls for the world but Mum calls it my Karma especially since my Fiancé has 2 girls.

But this was not just something I was eager to find out, but all my friends and family too, so when I heard about Gender Reveal parties firstly I was gutted I had never had one and then excited to design one and add to our Party Package Themes.


What is a Gender Reveal Party you say? Well instead of being told at your scan if you have Pink or Blue on Board (or even both) you throw a Party where the gender is revealed to not only you but to your anxious guests.

This can be done with a Cake Reveal (Cake inside is Pink or Blue) or even a release of balloons from a box (I will leave all these ideas for another blog).

I love love loved styling this theme, based around the concept of “It’s a ……”  With half the table designed in Baby Pink and the other half Baby Blue. I spent a lot of time painting and crafting, everything from the buntings, the alphabet blocks to the rocking horse’s, but I think all the hard work certainly paid off.

_OM22743  _OM22740


I can’t wait to be part of someone’s Gender Reveal.



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