Happy belated Easter to you all.

Having four days off this week for the kids was certainly well timed, as tired grumpy kiddies and homework don’t seem to be compatible in our house!!

As I sit here at ridiculous o’clock (3am), I suddenly realised that sleep was evading me, possibly due to the two creme eggs i consumed as a cheeky little snack with my cup of tea, ok so maybe it was more than two creme eggs.

So we have a tradition here where we hide plastic eggs around the house, both inside and out (each child has a certain colour), and they have to find all of their coloured eggs in order to get their real easter baskets! It’s the safest and the fairest way to do the egg hunt, and not to mention the fact that if you miss finding one you won’t get a nasty surprise in 6 months time!!  I am pretty sure our 8 (going on 9 year olds) have figured the Easter Bunny thing out, but have obviously had the conversation together to keep it to themselves so the little ones can still have the excitement of the Easter Hunt, and hey it also means they get eggs too!

In our home, our children don’t get a lot of chocolate or sweets, or fizzy drinks, and really only get them on special occasions, trust me 4 hyperactive children is not fun.  So now, me and my hips will have to carry the burden of eating all the leftover chocolate…poor me. Mind you another way to get rid of them is to send them to school.. poor teachers, I pack up little bags of eggs for the kids to take and share out in class. Last year, one of the girls had a classmate that suffers from a severe allergies, and we did not want him to miss out. So we sent miss 6 with her bag of eggs for her classmates and a plastic egg with a little toy chicken inside so he wasn’t left out.  A couple of days later the kids teacher pulled me aside and handed me a note from the little boys mum, thanking us for taking the time and effort to make him feel special and included.  I’ve kept the note and when miss 6 is a bit older i will explain to her why it was so nice to have done that small act of kindness.

If you have any ideas that you want to share with Party by Design on fun ways to make easter not just about the chocolate, or if you have any similar acts of kindness that you’re brave enough to share send us an email or leave a little message in the comments.

And just a little funny story before i sign off, miss 6 and miss 7, went out to visit our bunny rabbits named Daisy and Clover, to see if they had any Easter Eggs in their hutch, and i could see the question coming so i made a quick exit, while coming up with a story that sounded halfway legit…

Lastly, a couple of questions.

  • How many easter eggs are too many?
  • What age did you or your children figure out who delivers the chocolate?
  • What time do you let your children start eating that chocolate?
  • And finally, what is your exit route for the sudden sugar grumpy crash that we all know is coming?


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