Hear the roar of a lion, see a zebra grazing at the waterhole and play jungle themed party games with us! As Auckland-based kid’s birthday party planners, we can do it all for you. Whether you’d like everything done for you or to buy or hire jungle themed accessories, we are your number one party shop. Let me share with you our best party games, decorating ideas and food to help celebrate your little monkey’s birthday!

Hosting Your Own Children’s Jungle Themed Party

Looking for unisex themed party ideas? A jungle themed party is great for both girls and boys. Full of adventure, animal noises, bright colours and new experiences, it is perfect for all ages. The key is in the planning and here are some of our suggestions to get your party roaring!

  • Choose activities suitable for the age of the birthday child and their guests. Younger children will enjoy dressing up in animal costumes. Older children will love the adventure of a safari themed treasure hunt.
  • Set the scene right from the start. Send jungle themed invitations to all your guests telling them about all the adventures they will have at the birthday party.
  • Welcome guests with themed signs and banners. A rustic wooden sign with hand-painted letters can say “Welcome to Rumble in the Jungle.” You could even print out and hang up this free printable banner saying “Beware of Wild Animals” for even more pizzazz!
  • Use jungle theme party food! We can provide this for you, with jungle themed cookies, cupcakes and a birthday cake too! How about making some creepy crawly crackers to nibble on? Spread cream cheese on the cracker, pop half a cut grape on top and stick 4 small carrot sticks on each side for a tasty jungle spider.

Decorating Your Jungle Themed Party Venue

Every great party needs to look fabulous to get guests in the mood to roar the night away. The great thing with a jungle party is you can use bright primary and secondary colours. Red, yellow, green, orange and blue all look fabulous together and are perfect for both boys and girls. You’ll find all our party tableware and decorations organised by colour for easy purchasing here in our online party shop.

Long chains of crepe paper make attractive jungle vines. Green bunting not only looks like foliage, but is also useful for writing puzzles on for guests to solve. You could even cover a table with a blue tablecloth, place all the food and drinks on it and call it the ‘Watering Hole!”

We’d love to help design, set up and pack down your next jungle themed party! In fact, we’ve even created a few jungle theme parties before, such as this one we did for Riaan. Give us a call or fill in our contact form to secure your spot today!

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