Surprise! Ha, bet you knew I was going to say that! I mean, I am here to talk about surprise parties today. Isn’t that the old cliche though, because surprise parties are not really surprises. The person of honor usually finds out about their party has to be be all like, “Oh, wow, I never guessed that you were giving me a party!”

I could tell you about the time my Aunty Eleanor turned 73, when my Uncle Jimmy decided to give her a big surprise knees up in their backyard and she found out about it. Then they got gatecrashed by some ‘young hooligans’ from the next street over. But let’s save that for another day as I really want to tell you about how to plan and host a secret surprise party that actually stays a secret!

Top 4 Ways To Have A Secret Surprise Party

  1. Yellow Cutlery Know the celebrator very well. Obviously you want to give a surprise party for someone who loves surprises, otherwise all your planning and hard work won’t be appreciated. It’s also important to theme the party decor around them. Being the bright sunshine girl I am, I love the colour yellow and all things yellow. So if I had the luck of hosting a surprise party for me (now there’s an idea!), I would make sure that I used yellow as the main colour. My yellow plastic cutlery, which is super cute, is perfect for the job and I don’t have to wash it. Not that I would if it was my surprise party anyway…..
  2. Stamp the invitations TOP SECRET! Or something like that, in case cousin Mel gives it all away and tells Aunty Eleanor about her surprise party. Okay, sorry, I digress… Anyway make sure in written words, phone calls or skywriting that the guests know that they can’t under any circumstances tell the celebrator that there is going to be a party for them. That means no hinting, no hidden messages, no gossip. So taking a careful look at who you are inviting could be helpful and maybe not inviting those likely to spread the joy until the day of the party or not at all…. Remember not to send the guest of honor an invitation though, or hint at them, or tell them to save the date. They will figure something is going on if you do that.
  3. Make the secret surprise party a real surprise by not having it on the day of their birthday, or wedding anniversary or BFF just because I feel like a party day. Well, maybe that one would be okay. The plan is to hold the party on a day where the guest of honor is not expecting something to happen. Their actual birthday is a dead giveaway, so try for about one to two weeks ahead of time or even after it if you like.
  4. Yellow polkadot lunch plateChoosing a venue for a secret surprise party needs to be carefully done. It needs to be somewhere that the celebrator goes to often or knows well. Having somewhere super posh is nice, but can be a real giveaway if it’s not your local and you’ve never been there before. A pub, local restaurant, the beach or the park are all great places for a party venue. Make sure that you decorate the venue to have it looking like a party though. Follow on with your colour theme to keep the party mood humming by using tableware such as my yellow polkadot lunch plates.

As always, I am ready to help you out when planning parties, so if you need some advice for your planning your next secret surprise party, give me a buzz. Until then, my lips are sealed.

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