Invitation Etiquette

Who would have known that there was such thing as invitation etiquette, certainly not me

But I thought I would do a little digging and find out what this was all about.

We all know that there are a few things to include when sending out and invitation, to your children’s birthday parties, from date, time, address and rsvp.

But did you know that there is etiquette about when and how you send these out, on doing some reading I see that these have relevance, so below are some helpful tips.

When do I send out invitations?

It is a great idea to send out invitations at least 3-4 weeks before a party, it avoids children missing out.

How should I hand out the Invites?

When it comes to inviting kids at schools and/or kindy’s, if you are not inviting the whole class sometimes it is safest to mail out these invitations. This prevents wee ones feeling left out when they are not invited.

What times do I include?

It is a great idea to include a start and end time, this prevents your guests staying for dinner (aaahhh) or lets parents know when to collect their kiddies.

Should I give a RSVP Date?

Yes this is always helpful and serves as a call to action (wow look at how clever that sounded) and lets them know you need a response.

What if my guests don’t RSVP?

To avoid preparing food or goody bags for kids who don’t turn up, or even not preparing for a child who turns up without RSVPing, you will need to contact those guests who did not RSVP. Maybe say a little something like “I have a bit of confusion with the RSVP and wanted to check if you are attending the birthday party or not”

Here’s hoping that you can now sleep at night that I have cleared up those huge problems hehe.

Also sometimes a little extra information is helpful.

  • Tell them if you will be providing food “lunch provided”, “snacks provided” this lets parents know if they need to provide food before or after the party.
  • If the party is held outdoors remind parents to supply hats and maybe a change of clothes.
  • Finally, let them know if it is child drop-off or not – no parent wants to be the only awkward one who stands alone in the corner.

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