Who’s coming?

When it comes to organising a child’s birthday party there is a lot to think about, Pirate vs Superhero themed party, chocolate or vanilla cake, entertainer or crafts, at home or a venue.

Funnily enough, these are the easy decisions, but when it comes to writing the guest list most of us get frazzled, well I know I do.

Questions like

  • Do I invite their friends siblings
  • Do I invite the kids parents
  • How many kids do I invite
  • Do I invite Family

Strange as it may sound I have done quite a bit of research on this (yes I know what a geek)

When it comes to writing a guest list the all or nothing concept seems to work best. No Grandparents, or All the Grandparents, No siblings or All siblings.

As kids get older it is easier to have a smaller guest list as the kids tend to have a few good friends. however when kids are younger especially their first birthdays it tends to be an adult celebration, with all the family and friends and even all of your coffee group. To get around this problem we used to have two parties for our girls, a small children’s birthday party in the week with an afternoon tea, I would hire kids toys and decorate (of course I would decorate) followed by a family and friends party in the weekend.

As the kids get older you can give them a number of children to invite and let them choose, maybe use the rule of thumb Age + 1 (Child turns 7 so they can invite 8 friends).

When it comes to siblings I think this all depends on cost, if you are having a party at home inviting siblings does not cost much extra, however if you are taking them to Rainbows end then this really affects costs.

In the end of the day we are all parents and we have this problem each year when our children’s birthday rolls around so we will understand if you don’t invite our child’s sister or brother, if you limit the numbers or don’t invite parents (we would love a child free afternoon with free babysitting)

Go easy on yourself, you don’t want greys growing over a birthday list do you?



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