Now we have all heard this song over and over and over again in our homes sang loudly and out of tunes by our little ones, or it we admit it by us too.let it go

It is every girls dream to be a princess, to wear a beautiful dress and have magical powers. Mind you when I think about it I would love to be a princess, and one of my many powers would be the power of duplication, I would love to be able to multiply myself so I could get everything done.

Princess Shiza was turning 5 and she too is crazy about all things frozen, so it was an obvious choice to have a Frozen Themed Party.

I must say I did not need to do too much research for this one, it has always been a theme I wanted to do so I had so many ideas swirling around in my head already (no wonder I can’t sleep).

Frozen BlogThis is where the fun begins (and the mess), I knew I wanted to use a lot of soft tulle and snowflakes on the dessert table to create the perfect backdrop for the cake and candy, the dessert table was also to be a main focus as the guests entered the party, so it had to have that wow factor. Once I am done styling I love to get a few opinions of my work and with a 4 girls under 8 it was not a hard choice of who to use. All the wow and screeches and “Mum can I have a Frozen Party for my next Birthday” definitely gave me the thumbs up.

I loved the kiddies tables, the way the colours complement each other and the contrasting textures of the silver runner, the doilies on the plate and the lace.

Parties are all about kids having fun and every party needs a photo booth, I had some much fun creating this backdrop but ended up covered in glitter for days, it was everywhere!! I always seem to look like I use glitter makeup (I may be a bit too old for that).

To make for a stress free party Shiza’s Mum and Dad had me setup and decorate the venue, I love to have the guests eyes see the party setup and decorations as they first enter the room so the positioning of the Dessert Table and Children’s Tables is important.


Shiza ran straight up to the dessert table and was mesmerised with everything, I was lucky enough to see all the guests arrive and the pure excitement on the kiddies faces showed me it was a success.

I wonder which princess Disney will bring out next?





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