My Little Sis Has Come Home!

I can’t believe it, but it’s true! My little Sister Lizzie has come back home to Party by Design! Like us, she too loves to party and brings with her an amazing range of hand selected and affordable disposable party supplies called Lizzie’s Loot!

Lizzie has put on her party cape (ok it is more of a dress and shoes), to come to the rescue and to make things less stressful and more affordable for us all. No more spending hours polishing the cutlery just for a few hours use, hauling out Grandma’s china or having the kids come and trash your room by dropping plates and throwing cake. That’s because Lizzie’s Loot only sells disposable party supplies!

Fun and Funky. Beautiful and Stylish. Quick and easy. And did we mention fun? It’s all of these and more at Lizzie’s Loot and without the price tag! She’s got all of your parties covered. Weddings, house warming’s, birthdays, kids parties, Christmas and Just because parties. After all, why not have a party just because you feel like one!

Everything at Lizzie’s Loot is affordable! Why? Why not! The lower the price, the more parties you can have! Besides, fun is what a party should be about, not how much they cost. That’s why she makes sure everything she sells is affordable for everyone. But it’s also super easy for you. Why? Because she has done the hard work searching high and low for everything you need to create a stylish event at the best prices.

So join me in welcoming Lizzie here to Party by Design by taking a look at all the awesome party supply products she has to offer us! Simply click the link below



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