We all have a little bit of Mad Scientist in us – I know I sure do.

This post is better late than never but this theme has been on my mind lately as I have been designing and creating decorations to turn this into a Children’s themed party package.

Elias and Elijah were turning 6 and they are Science mad, so of course it mad sense to create them a Mad Science Dessert table.

Now a little fun fact, I have a Bachelor degree in Science and styling this dessert table was the closest I have been to using my degree in about 10 years.

I wanted to create the feel and look of a science lab, every science lab (when I was a school anyway) had a large blackboard that was always covered in white chalk dust and chemical equations, oh and of course lots of test tubes, beakers and flasks.

So what better backdrop to use than blackboard material on which I customised a sign using the boys names and age.

The main decorations used were beakers and test tubes filled with “liquid”. I like to add levels to all of my dessert tables and I think the old text books did the trick.

To complete the table I added Clip Boards covered in graph paper, these looked great as serving platters.

mad science 2.jpg

I can’t wait to complete the Party Package and Reveal this to you all, but I will share a few aspects of this

Mad Science collage Mad Science pic.jpg












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