Test tubes and beakers and whiskers on kittens. Brown litmus paper all tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things! Well maybe not my favourite in the entire world, but they sure go with my latest Mad Science themed party package

Mad Science setupWhy science? Why not?! In fact, Mad Science is quickly becoming a really popular party theme, especially at the birthday parties of mad scientists! But seriously, science is all around us every day, so it is perfect to bring it into a party through quirky food, decorations and maybe even some science experiments.

What I love about my Mad Science themed party theme is that is is so adaptable for different age groups. Young children love the weird and wonderful colours and science equipment like the test tubes and microscope. Teenagers love that it is not babyish and represents an interest in something they are studying. Then come the adults who live and drool this stuff everyday, such as lab workers and school teachers who think its great to see what they do recognised out of their workplace.

Mad Science costumeMad Science Themed Party Package

When I go to a party I like to feel like a part of the action, just like I want everyone to feel that too. That’s why I have added in a bit of a dress-up part to the Mad Science party. I have sourced 12 of the coolest little lab coats ever, along with 12 safety glasses so the little party guests can all dress up and feel part of the action! So cute!

My Mad Science party theme package is aimed at young budding scientists, but I can easily adapt it to suit any age you like. Just give me a call and let’s start organising your next party!!


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