No more pulling out your hair or running yourself ragged for the weeks before the party. We all want to sit back and relax and take in the fun (or chaos) of our children’s birthday parties don’t we? But how?

Well let me share some tips to making your next party stress free.

  1. HIRE PARTY BY DESIGN: Of course you knew I was going to say this, but hey it is true.  You don’t have worry about organising all the decorations, costumes, tableware etc just leave this to us, we can even come and setup the party for you.
  2. ENTERTAINMENT: A great entertainer is invaluable they can keep the little ones occupied and having fun for a least 1-2 hours. Of course a happy and occupied kid is less likely to be tearing up your house. But if entertainment is out of your budget keep reading for some other ideas.
  3. KIDS CRAFT: Have a colouring table with theme specific pictures for the kids to colour when they arrive. Having a princess party? Why not get the kids to make wands or Tiara’s. These are a cheap and easy way to entertain the kids and also make for a great take home present.
  4. CUPCAKE/COOKIE DECORATING: So if you are anything like me and could not decorate a cookie or cupcake if my life depended on it, why not let the kids do it. Provide the icing, sprinkles, lollies etc and let the kids have a blast.
  5. PARTY GAMES: Kids love party games (some may cry if they don’t win- that may have been me as a kid), and it is a great way to burn all the energy from all the sweets you have just fed them. Parents will appreciate you for it.  With all our party packages we provide an Inspiration guide on theme specific party games.
  6. DRESS UP: Why not have a dress-up corner – or even better (yes here I go again promoting Party by Design) our Photo booths/boards and props are sure to entertain the kids.
  7. FOOD BOXES: I love, love, love Food boxes – each child has there own box, which includes easy snack foods such as biscuits, chips, raisins (I know the kids all moan but I feel like a good parent). These are easy to prepare a couple of days ahead of time and I usually just make easy sandwiches that morning to add to the box. You can even use these boxes as a take home thank you box – by adding lollies, or those amazing party blowers every parent loves.
  8. PARENT HELP: Enlist the help of other parents, your friends or as I always do my Parents. They can help with serving food, playing games, maybe even run the vacuum cleaner over or clean the bathroom – ok so that maybe taking it a little too far.
  9. Have fun, relax, join in and be a kid for the day
  10. So I really wanted 10 – so how about – Let Party by Design take the stress out of your day.


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