We hear this question a lot in our house, Miss 4 or should I say Miss 4 1/2 as she likes to remind everyone is so excited to start school.

Since turning 4 she has talked non-stop about turning 5 – this certainly must be a child thing as you won’t find me that excited to turn a year older.

With her 3 older sisters at school she is so impatient to join them at “big school”, she even sneaks into their room to dress up in their school uniform, right down to their over sized shoes.

Olivia school uniform


It is safe to say we will need to do a few alterations to make the uniform fit her.

Miss 4 1/2 has gone through a range of birthday theme ideas from Fairy to Mermaid to Frozen, her latest choice is our Rainbow Themed Party Package to match her room. Of course I won’t be organising the cake just yet as she is bound to change her mind (she takes after her Mumma).

RainbowKids10 party setup.jpg


So with 86 sleeps until her birthday that gives me some time to get used to my baby starting school, and enough time for Miss 4 1/2 to change her mind on her party theme a few more times.



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