Red Paper PompomWoah, hold your horses everyone. Have you seen the price of licensed Mickey Mouse themed party products! They are sooooo expensive and no one should not be able to have a Mickey party because of cost. So when my nephew Scotty was turning 7 and decided he could not do without Mickey and his friends at his party, I stepped forward and saved the day Lizzie Style of course!

Easy and Cheap Mickey Mouse Themed Party Ideas

Right, the first thing you’ll want to do is have the room and table looking like Mickey Mouse lives here. Think Mickey Mouse red, black and white. So have a red tablecloth with a black star glitter garland around the sides like a table skirt. Then use some white in the form of spots, as we all know Mickey has two white spots on his shorts. So red and white polkadot napkins on top of black paper plates works well on the table, along with black and white polkadot straws inside red and white polkadot paper cups.

Then it’s time to start on decorating the rooms, sticking to the same Mickey Mouse colours. I used red and white tissue pom poms which I thought carried over the Mickey spotty dotty theme nicely. I then topped everything off by creating some totally marvelous Mickey Mouse themed party food!

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

I made some regular cupcakes in those little red paper patty cases. I stuck two white round sticker dots onto the front of each case, like Mickey’s shorts. Then I covered the top of each cupcake with melted chocolate and popped a chocolate button on each side, like Mickey Mouse’s ears! These went down a treat with Scotty. And Uncle Jimmy who had to be told not to eat any more!

Red polkadot napkinsMickey Mouse Goody Bags

I wanted Scotty and his friends to have a goody bag to take home, so I got some small red plastic buckets from the dollar store down the road and stuck two white dot stickers on the front. I then filled them with an left over party food after I scared Uncle Jimmy away from the table, some little red, white and black lollies, a couple of extra straws I had from the table and a piece of birthday cake. Perfect.

So having  Mickey Mouse themed party does not have to cost the earth and I have proved! All it takes are the basic party supplies and some creative thinking, of which I’ve got plenty! If you have a party theme you just can’t figure out how to create, give me a bell and let me do the thinking for you.





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