Candy Buffet’s are the new black.

Along with Dessert Tables, Candy Buffet’s are a must have at every event.

Limited not just to Children’s Birthday Parties these are now proving to be a popular addition to engagements, baby showers and weddings.

6 small Jars Package

Old and young are drawn to these sweet and mouth watering candy displays, let your guests take a trip down memory lane as they chomp down on Jet Planes, Pineapple Lumps …. the options are endless.

Apothecary Jars as they are known in the industry (AKA Candy Jars) beautifully display these sweet delights. From tall elegant Jars to Vintage Ribbed and Retro Chic ones. Candy buffets are a great alternative to having a cake and are the perfect centrepiece for your event.

Candy Jar Package 6Retro Candy Jars


One of my favourite ideas right now is a Cupcake/ Candy Dessert table. Let the kids and guests decorate the own cupcakes with a range of candy.




So who has a sweet tooth now?




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