I love party cookies! In fact you could call me the Cookie Monster, but without the blue fur and his insatiable appetite for cookies. Okay, who am I kidding! I eat more cookies than he ever could. But between you and me, they based his love for cookies on me, and that’s another story for a different day!

Today is all about party cookies, why you need them, what they can look like and heaps of photos for you to drool over!

Princess-Table4Why You Need To Have Party Cookies

Cookies are the ultimate party theme helper! They are able to be made the day before or on the day of the party, can be any flavour and are able to be decorated to match and highlight the party theme. Cookies are also easy to eat as finger food, are loved by everyone and look fantastic. Okay, they taste fantastic too, especially my Party By Design cookies!

Right, you may be thinking, cookies are for kids only. But just stop right there! Cookies are for everyone and I should know, I’m the Cookie Monster. Joking….

It depends on the theme of your party as to the type of cookie you use and how it is decorated.  The Cookies used for a Science themed party we styled were in the shapes of instruments from the lab, such as test tubes and beakers.

But before we move on I must confess baking and I are not friends (who am I kidding – the kitchen and I are not friends), my attempts to bake and decorate cookies have turned into a disaster, so we have teamed up with the Talented Jo from Scrumptious to bring you amazing cookies designed to match your party theme.

Party Cookie Looks You Need To Know About

Part of the fun of a party is having food that matches your theme. Some of my favourites are construction tools and machines cookies, super hero cookies, rainbow cookies and pirate cookies, to name a few….

Construction-Theme2      Superhero06      Rainbowfood      Pirate12

But hey, not everyone is has the time or patience to create the world’s most amazing party cookies and that’s okay! But luckily we are here to help (well Jo is anyway) and she certainly does create the world’s most amazing party cookies! So take a look at these and the many other cookies I have done and if you can’t find exactly what you want, get in touch with me!

I would love to help you make sure your party is outstanding and memorable! Let’s start planning your next party and stop drooling over some photos, so you can drool over the real thing instead!






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