It’s not mess it’s creativity


A recent study conducted showed that those with a messy desk were more prone to creativity.

That is what I tell myself every time I look at my workspace while in creative mode. It makes me feel better I suppose.

It is a common joke about how much I love to organise and tidy my house, at one point my daughters draws had labels on them “Long Sleeved Tops”. I have always believed the saying “A place for everything and everything in its place.

Then why is my workspace so chaotic – creativity maybe?

When working I love to take up as much space as possible, this is why it is common around here to loose our dining table under sewing machines, fabric and cotton.

While designing and creating decorations for an upcoming custom party I even shocked myself with how much mess I had made, it is amazing I even had somewhere to sit.


I decided that maybe I would use my organisation skills and put some order into the chaos. I sat down rather proud of myself only to have my 4 legged friends  come bounding in, jump all over the piles and turn them back into a rather large mess.

The answer to this problem?

  • Put the dogs outside
  • Work in my office

My office has recently decreased in size to build an extra bedroom, and maybe just maybe the floor is already covered in decorations for a dessert table I am styling.

But I think the easiest thing is to embrace the mess and creativity.

Now to get creative and design again (or messy)


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