Party Favours

Kids love Party Favours, well I know my children do. I remember being at a birthday party a few years ago when Miss 7 (then 4) spotted the party favours, I told her she would get one when we leave – “Mum I want to go home now” followed shortly after (clever much?)

Me – well not so much, little bags filled with those noise blower things that the kids insist on blowing the whole car ride home.

But I know the importance of them, the kids love them and they are a great way to say thank you to the guests.

I always try and do something a little creative or provide the kiddies with something they can use after the party, something where the parents don’t need to go into stealth mode to hide.

Last year Miss 4 had a Rapunzel themed party and I made each of the guests a long Rapunzel hair piece and purse they could use at the party and take home with them.

Party favours can also be as simple as a beautifully decorated cookie wrapped in cellophane, homemade play doh, printed colouring pages and pencils or maybe a special craft they have created at the party.


cookie wrapped in cellophane


In the end of the day kids will appreciate any little thank you favour they receive but maybe something that does not give the parents a headache would be nice – but of course if someone gives your child a noisy present have some party blowers on hand to hide in their kids party bag 🙂


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