I’m not one to follow conventional ideas, so I don’t think little boys are made of frogs, snails or puppy dog tails! I do know they love them though! Many a time a snail escaped a dunk in the washing machine by making a getaway from my nephew’s trouser pockets, especially when they visited me and found what seemed to be the whole world’s population of snails in my garden! Totally gross and totally slimy!

But snails besides, I do have a good handle on party themes for boys.

3 Awesome Party Themes For Boys

  • Honeycomb ball yellowDinosaur Party Theme – Make a big ROARific birthday party by using dinosaurs as inspiration. I love using the colours gold, green and black for my dinosaur parties to make the place totally transform into a Jurissac Park! I make my own circle glitter garlands to hang on the wall, like little mini rocks and use a gold tablecloth on the table to represent dirt. I bring in black quatrefoil for my tableware as I like how the patterns look like broken rock pieces (with some Lizzie imagination of course). And what about yellow? The sun of course! The sun shines all over my walls with my yellow honeycomb balls, keeping the broken rock look-a-like theme of course!
  • blue and white striped dinner plateTrain Party Theme – We’ve all heard of Thomas The Tank Engine and I am pretty sure my Dad is The Fat Controller (or Sir Topham Hatt as his new PC name is). So I can put together a Thomas party in a flash – and you can too! All you’ll need is some blue striped plates (with stripes as train tracks for your food, of course!), green paper napkins (for grass on the village green), my rainbow silk ribbon table skirt (to keep all the other non-Thomas train fans happy) and a teal quatrefoil tablecloth for some extra Lizzie Style!
  • Polkadot Paper Straws - RedNinja Turtles Party Theme – Turtles in a half shell, TMNT or pizza loving monsters. Whatever you call them, the ultimate colour you need to go with is lime green and then accessorise with the colour of your boy’s favourite turtle’s bandana. My youngest nephew loves Rapheal who is the red turtle. So I added some red tissue pompoms on the wall and red polka dot straws in their drinks!

So when you need to grab some totally cool party tableware and decorations for party themes for boys, just remember two words: Lizzie’s Loot!



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