Princess-Theme1So you’ve decided to give your Little Princess a princess themed party? Whew, that’s the hard part taken care of – the decision about the party theme! Now the fun really starts with the choosing of the colours, decorations, tableware, food, party favors and dress-ups!

Whoa, I hear you say! Well relax, I’ve actually done it all for you with my Princess Party Theme Package, but more about that later. It’s princess party favor time.

Popular Princess Party Favors

I’ve been to and held many princess themed parties and I have found that cute and small princess party favors seem to be the most popular. Some of my favourite ones are:

  • crown shaped cookies, decorated with icing matching the colour theme, wrapped in clear cellophane and curling ribbon
  • tiaras. especially gold and silver coloured ones, with ‘precious stones’ that match the party theme colour
  • little bottles of bubble mixture, in bottles of the party theme colour or attach a label around the bottle to personalise it
  • glittery magic wands, with silk ribbons tied around the handle which move when the are waved about
  • little bags filled with glitter, depending on whether you can handle the mess or not!
  • dress ups like boa feathers and mini tutus help get the princess guests really into the mood

Princess Party Favors Are Just The Start…..

I love creating parties and choosing all the tiny little detail pieces that complete each one, I know that some prefer others to handle all the details for them. That’s why I have designed the perfect princess themed party which every little girl adores.

Along with the standard party package of tables, chairs and tableware, we also include some dress up costumes, accessories and a castle photo booth. These all make for some magical photographs and great times for everyone at the party!

I’d love to have a chat with you and start planning your next princess party or any other theme of your choice, so please get in touch today!

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