Custom Party

“Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street”

So as I am typing this the Sesame Street theme song is now on repeat in my head, mind you I suppose it could be worse “let it go” maybe.

Ava was turning 1 and Miss Ava just loves Sesame Street. Her Mum wanted a Sesame Street Inspired Party in pink and girly tones.

I wanted to make this a fun colourful theme and using AbSesame Street Collageby Caddaby as my inspiration chose to work with a pink, teal and yellow colour palette. Of course I had to incorporate the ever famous Sesame Street Sign.




I chose to work a lot with ribbons in the customisation, I love how delicate the ribbons look and the balance and texture they add, of course I had to add some tulle in there too . I  created a hanging ribbon backdrop for the dessert table and ribbon chandeliers.

Ribbon work


A hot pink backdrop and a beautiful tulle table skirt complemented these ribbon decorations and to finish off the dessert table I designed and created 2 Ava “Street Signs” and Candy and Cupcake tags.

Ava’s Mum wanted something a little different for the party guests to sit on so I designed and created our new Sweetheart Picnic setting . The Sweetheart Picnic works great for younger children or smaller parties – we will definitely be using it at our 6 years olds party in a few weeks.

Picnic Setting Ava framed

I must say I loved how this all came together, the colours worked so well, but best of all was the huge “Wow” I got when Ava saw her decorations and setup for the first time, that was like a huge thumbs up for this Custom Dessert table and party.

Custom Sesame Street Inspired Dessert table




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