So by now you will know that Party by Design provides Themed Party Packages and matching dessert tables, from Pirate to Fairy, Baby Showers to Gender Reveal.

But sometimes people want something a little different, maybe they want to change the colour of the tablecloths, maybe they want to use some decorations from another theme, or maybe they want to combine a few packages.

Zee’s daughter was turning 1 and we know Fairy wings and skirts are not everyone’s cup of tea so we decided to do a Party setup to keep all the guests happy – a combination of the Pirate and Fairy themed party packages.Fairy and Pirate Party with background

Living and working overseas while planning a Party for Family and Friends back home is not for the faint hearted. Zee contacted me with a plea to help organize her daughter’s birthday party complete with Entertainment.

Oh and did I mention Zee and her husband are also renovating their Auckland based home (in case they were not busy enough). When we turned up to setup we were greeted with a huge empty space for us to work with, I love nothing more than an empty canvas to work with.

So if you want something a little different, or you need extra help if you are crazy busy or even overseas let us know.

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