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A little bit of Up Cycling

I have always loved old furniture, I love the history each piece holds, they all have their own story. I found this passion soon after my Granddad “Old Pops” passed away, he had some old favourites that held so many memories but had seen better days and were in need of help. This is where Ant’s from Voodoo Molly Vintage came in, she took these pieces and gave them a makeover, a new lease of life. Each piece holds many stories from my childhood days and now they are in my home and the stories can be shared with my children. My favourite was his favourite chair – the bain […]

Face Painting Ideas For A Birthday Party

Face Painting Entertainment

Do you remember the face painting Mums and Dads who ‘volunteered’ to paint the faces of kids at the school gala? I sure do! I was one of those eager little girls queuing up to become Cinderella or the harlequin clown. You know, the one with the black and white face, with the tear drop falling down! Luckily for our children, face painting paints and techniques have taken huge leaps and bounds over the past few years and there are even professional face painters who will do all the hard work for you – we have teamed up with some incredibly talented ones!! Popular Face Painting Ideas For Birthday Parties […]