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Best Mid Winter Party Ideas

Deck the halls with bells of snow balls, or something like that! But when it comes to mid winter party ideas, I’ve got a snow ball bunch of them to share with you, including some beautiful decoration ideas and how to make your table look like something out of a magazine! Mid Winter Party Ideas Parties totally rock no matter what the season, which is why I have them all year round. Over here in the Southern Hemisphere, some of us would love to have a winter, snowy Christmas, but the weather just doesn’t play ball. So we have started to have Christmas in July when ‘The weather outside is […]

Getting Crafty

So I have been getting a little crafty in aide of an Xmas Dessert Table. One of my customers has requested a Christmas Dessert Table to add a little wow factor to their family Christmas. I just love the look of Ribbon Topiary’s and Wreaths so I decided to create one for the backdrop.   What I forgot was how much work (and mess) is involved, oh and did I mention how many pin pricks. But once I have an idea and the supplies there is not much stopping me. I really should have remembered after the hours spent creating these. I have been juggling work with sick children but […]