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Party Cookies That Everyone Will Love!

Cookies to match your Science Party Theme for your Science Dessert Table.

I love party cookies! In fact you could call me the Cookie Monster, but without the blue fur and his insatiable appetite for cookies. Okay, who am I kidding! I eat more cookies than he ever could. But between you and me, they based his love for cookies on me, and that’s another story for a different day! Today is all about party cookies, why you need them, what they can look like and heaps of photos for you to drool over! Why You Need To Have Party Cookies Cookies are the ultimate party theme helper! They are able to be made the day before or on the day of […]

Crazy over Cakes

As Julian Child’s would say ” A Party without a cake is just a meeting” As a child I grew up with amazing birthday cakes made by my very talented Nana. I remember fondly sitting down with her before my birthday and flicking through the Women’s Weekly Kids Cake book, from Dolly Varden Dolls to Horse Carousels they were always the highlight of my party. When my youngest turned 1 I wanted to pass down this tradition, I quickly learnt that this was not a talent I had inherited, lets just say my cakes were a big flop. It was then I decided to create my own tradition of beautifully […]