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Let it go, Let it go – A Frozen Themed Party

Now we have all heard this song over and over and over again in our homes sang loudly and out of tunes by our little ones, or it we admit it by us too. It is every girls dream to be a princess, to wear a beautiful dress and have magical powers. Mind you when I think about it I would love to be a princess, and one of my many powers would be the power of duplication, I would love to be able to multiply myself so I could get everything done. Princess Shiza was turning 5 and she too is crazy about all things frozen, so it was […]

Princess Party Favors She Will Love!

So you’ve decided to give your Little Princess a princess themed party? Whew, that’s the hard part taken care of – the decision about the party theme! Now the fun really starts with the choosing of the colours, decorations, tableware, food, party favors and dress-ups! Whoa, I hear you say! Well relax, I’ve actually done it all for you with my Princess Party Theme Package, but more about that later. It’s princess party favor time. Popular Princess Party Favors I’ve been to and held many princess themed parties and I have found that cute and small princess party favors seem to be the most popular. Some of my favourite ones […]

Mad Science Themed Party Planning and Styling

Cake to match your Science Party Theme for your Science Themed Party Dessert Table.

Test tubes and beakers and whiskers on kittens. Brown litmus paper all tied up with string, these are a few of my favourite things! Well maybe not my favourite in the entire world, but they sure go with my latest Mad Science themed party package Why science? Why not?! In fact, Mad Science is quickly becoming a really popular party theme, especially at the birthday parties of mad scientists! But seriously, science is all around us every day, so it is perfect to bring it into a party through quirky food, decorations and maybe even some science experiments. What I love about my Mad Science themed party theme is that […]

Niyam’s 1st Birthday

I have been so busy lately that Niyam is probably closer to 2 now – ok so that is an exaggeration, his 1st birthday was only a few weeks ago. Anyway, when Niyam’s Mum came to visit to discuss having Party by Design Style his 1st birthday I was eager to get involved. A large cloud shaped Marquee had been hired and live cooking was to take place, all they needed was the space to be transformed and styled. This is where we come in!!! Niyams’ Mum gave me a few ideas she liked along with colour suggestions and left me too get into my creative zone. So with the colour palette of Blues and […]

A work space for Party by Design

The Couch, The Dining Table, The Kitchen Bench…… In your house these are probably a place most people sit to eat food, relax or catch up with friends and family over a coffee (or wine). In mine these have at any one time served as my office, Laptop set up with a mess (creative of course) surrounding me.   Of course I do actually have an office dedicated to Party by Design, but a lot of times this is a Creative (danger) zone, this is where styling takes place so the floor is usually covered with materials, candy jars and props. This leaves very little space for me to get to my […]

Crazy over Cakes

As Julian Child’s would say ” A Party without a cake is just a meeting” As a child I grew up with amazing birthday cakes made by my very talented Nana. I remember fondly sitting down with her before my birthday and flicking through the Women’s Weekly Kids Cake book, from Dolly Varden Dolls to Horse Carousels they were always the highlight of my party. When my youngest turned 1 I wanted to pass down this tradition, I quickly learnt that this was not a talent I had inherited, lets just say my cakes were a big flop. It was then I decided to create my own tradition of beautifully […]