TeapartyBaby15Dessert tables, aka candy bars or dessert buffets, are becoming incredibly popular at New Zealand parties. They have been huge in the USA for a while now, with little old NZ a bit slower to catch on.

But still, better late than never, I say.

When organising a party, hosts are choosing to add dessert tables to their to their list of must haves, but not only for the food that is on it. They are using dessert tables for the amazing visual impact it gives to the event itself, as they definitely create a wow factor.

How To Create A Stylish Dessert Table

Creating a stylish and enchanting display takes a lot of planning, patience and creative skills to ensure that your dessert table is perfect.Over the years I have created many beautiful dessert tables, I am always saying to my girls “Sharing is Caring” cheesy I know, but I thought I should take some of my own advice and share my favourite tips with you.

Set Up Your Table Against A Clear Wall Space

There is nothing more frustrating than spending time on creating a stylish dessert table which no one notices, it is kind of like spending 3 hours at a hairdresser and no-one comments. So choosing the right location to place it is vital to it being noticed by all guests, just like wearing that t-shirt that says “comment on my hair”
You’ll need to make sure that the wall directly behind it and to each side is plain, with no images, clocks or artwork upon it to distract the eyes of your guests.

girls-teapartyThink Luxury Textures and Colours

Style screams out for high quality decorations, rich colours and multiple textures. So take your time to plan and choose what you are going to use on your dessert table. I like to first come up with a colour theme and then I start deciding which decorations to use and then match them to my tableware and food choices.
To create style on a table I start with a pale coloured, finely woven tablecloth and use splashes of colour and texture on it in with other linen and ribbons.I’d now hang the decorations/backdrop behind the table, making sure that they were high enough not to be caught upon anything on the table, but low enough so they everyone can see them. I also think about where I am putting the food too and use tableware at different heights/levels to get more food on the table and make it interesting to look at.

Candy Jars Are Your Best Friend

Candy Jars are a must have on any dessert table, who does not love candy. Filled with candy of co-ordinating colours will give you that pop of colour every dessert table needs. Make sure to use a variety of shapes and sizes and display at different levels for that extra wow factor

6 small Jars Package

The Final Touch

Decorations are a must have, use decorations that match your Party theme, eg shells for that mermaid theme. Or what about sprinkling large glitter pieces or shapes strategically on the tablecloth , but remember not to place it too close to the edge or it will brush off onto your guest’s clothing and that’s really annoying!
I have already created an adorable range of dessert table themes, but would also love to customise one just for you! So get in touch now and let’s start planning your next party!

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