Construction PhotoboothBoth young and old generations share a love of diggers. In fact, I have yet to meet a male who does not smile with fond memories of excavators or front end loaders. Little boys are especially keen on construction vehicles, so I’ve put together some great ideas to use at a digger themed birthday party.

Digger Themed Birthday Party Ideas Sure To Wow

I completely understand the attraction boys have to diggers and other construction machinery. That’s why I created the Construction Party Theme package, which takes all the hassle out of coming up with the decorations and tableware for busy parents. But as well as the goodies my package contains, I have some other ideas sure to please digger lovers!

  • Digging Area – while having a sandpit inside might be too messy, how about having a collection of pebbles on top of a tarp? Children can use toy diggers and other construction vehicles to lift, push and dig the pebbles around. Then clean up is a breeze and you carry the tarp outside and pop the pebbles into the garden!
  • PBD_construction04Dress Up Booth – provide lots of different digger themed dress-ups such as high vis vests, hard hats and tool belts. Children can then pop onto a pretend digger made with painted cardboard boxes which is in front of the digging pebble area for photos.
  • Digger Cupcakes – bake a collection of cupcakes for guests to decorate with small lollies on the top to look like diggers and other vehicles. Maybe have a prize for the best overall, most colourful or most realistic digger design.
  • Build a Digger – children love to create, so provide a collection of boxes, cardboard and other bits and pieces, along with felts, paint, glue and cellotape. Provide some photos of diggers, dump trucks and front loaders for inspiration, then let their creatively flow while they have fun designing and building vehicles!

Construction-Theme2As well as the Construction Party Theme package, I also have a Construction Theme Dessert Table, perfect for an afternoon tea or as an addition to the original package. I have the cutest range of construction themed cookies which I can provide for your digger mad guests, made as either gingerbread or sugar cookies.I also have¬† pre-designed range of printable construction themed invitations and other party related events. I’d love to discuss any ideas you have about providing you with the ultimate digger themed birthday party, so get in touch today and let’s get planning!



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