Beautifully Styled Dessert tables should not just for birthdays and baby showers.

A Christmas themed dessert table certainly is the finishing touch to any Xmas Celebration.

It did not take long for the creative juices to start flowing when a customer recently asked me to design and create a Dessert Table for her upcoming Family Christmas Lunch.

I knew exactly the look I wanted, so first step was shopping…..

ReindeerXmas Tree Dessert table

Followed quickly by me creating a very large mess while getting crafty, this time in aide of handmade Ribbon Wreath

ribbon wreath


Unfortunately the mess does not end there, I have a Studio where all the design work takes place, the floor is always covered with boxes of Cake Stands, Candy Jars, Serving Platters and decorations. I am very particular when it comes to styling and I will try many different setups until I find the perfect one.

Once I feel perfection is achieved I stand back and evaluate, followed by yelling for everyone home to come and tell me what they think.

Now I just love the final result for this Christmas themed Dessert table.

Desser table Xmas 1



Merry Xmas



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