Tummy bumps are a reason to celebrate. Well okay, only the ones that are made with babies that is! So what better way to get the party going than to have a collection of baby shower games ready for your guests to play. I’ve played some corny baby shower games in my time and some terrific games, but overall enjoyed myself. So I’ve popped together a collection of the 10 most popular baby shower games you can use too.

Top 10 Baby Shower Games

Onesie Decorating – each guest gets a plain all-in-one or onesie, which they are able to decorate for the new Mum and her baby. Use fabric paint and felt pens, with the winner being the design which the new Mum chooses likes the best.

Guess the Baby – ask each guest to bring a photo of themselves as a baby. Number and pop them up on the wall with the owner’s name hidden and ask each guest to write down who they think each baby is. The winner is the one who gets the most names correct.

Guess Mummy’s Tummy Size – have a ball of string and ask each guest to cut a length of it which they think will fit around the new Mum’s tummy. The winner is the one with the piece of string which has the best fit.
Baby Song Name Game – great for guests who have yet to have their own baby, just play a collection of baby songs one at a time. Then guests call out the name of the song, with the person who gets the most correct being the winner.
Celebrity Mum Trivia – have a collection of celebrity Mum with their baby photos. The person who can correctly name the most celebrities and their baby’s wins. You can make it trickier by having the photos of the celebrity and baby apart, having to match the photos together to win.
Baby Bottle Bowling – just like ten pin bowling, but using a soft baby ball and baby bottles instead! The person who can knock down the most bottles with your choice of throws wins.
VintageTea-Table1Playdough Babies – pop on your creative hat and give each person a piece of playdough to create what they think the new Mum’s baby will look like. Give prizes for most ugly, weirdest, funniest or best overall.
Baby Wishes – ask each person to write down a wish they would like to come true for the new baby. Having it named and dated will give the new Mum something special to keep and look back on as baby grows. Perfect for scrap booking with photos of the baby shower party guests.
Name That Baby – have two jars – one labelled ‘boy’ and one labelled ‘girl.’ Help the new Mum by offering suggestions for names for both genders and you never know – your name my be the one she picks!
Baby shower games are only part of the whole celebration. Of course you need amazing decorations to create a perfect atmosphere. Get in touch today to start planning and celebrating the new bump!

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