As we grow older, it’s great to remember things from our youth. Hosting or even attending a vintage themed birthday party helps you do just that! That’s why I was so excited to be asked to style a vintage themed birthday party for Zoreen’s 80-year-old father.

Tips on Styling a Vintage Themed Birthday Party

Like with all my clients, I am happy to do as much or as little of the party styling for you. So when Zoreen contacted me, she had pretty much sorted most things. I was asked only to help give the tables a bit of love and attention. She had already decided upon a colour scheme, but left the styling of each of the 14 tables to me! It was a case of, let the fun begin!

I had some ideas already, but felt a quick trip to the store Junk and Disorderly was needed. While rummaging around in J&D, I had a brainwave. Wouldn’t it be cool for each party table to display vintage themed props! Props would help spark stories from guests and most of all the birthday Dad himself. I chose props such as typewriters, binoculars, glass bottles, leather bound books, telephones, film reels and old tins. Of course, no party table would be without floral arrangements, but I had to think masculine themed this time. Peonies, vines, succulents and rocks made amazing decorative pieces within the glass fishbowls and best of all, being artificial they can be used time and time again!


Vintage Themed birthday Party for 80th Celebration
80th Birthday Celebration with a vintage theme

Other vintage themed party ideas I had, but didn’t use this time include:

Vintage boxing party theme – style the party room with old black and white posters promoting past boxing events. You can even incorporate the food into the theme with creaming sodas, decorated boxing glove cookies and even a giant cake. Hang old pairs of boxing gloves up, old boxing shorts and other memorabilia would look fabulous too!

Roaring 20’s themed party – break out the Charleston and your flapper costumes, it’s time to get swaying. Along with photos, graphics and costumes from that decade, you can also include Art Deco decorative pieces, as this movement began in the late 20’s. It was also the age of jazz, so how about a live band or at least a gramophone prop, large feather plumes in glass vases and of course, lots of sparkles!

Vintage circus themed party for this, think pastel colours, popcorn and lots of beautiful old-fashioned graphics! You could even create a vintage circus themed invitation which introduces your theme and colour scheme to guests. This is a fabulous way to set the scene and get them excited about your party.

As always, I’m here to help! I’d love to help style as much or as little of your next vintage party for you. Don’t forget you can also purchase your own vintage style decorations right here at my online shop too.

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