Who am I

If you asked me 10 years ago while I was at university studying for a BSc if I saw myself running my own business I would have laughed and said no way.

But here we are in our 2nd year of business.

When my youngest turned 18 months old I started getting itchy feet, I think this happens to a lot of Mums when their babies become toddlers and gain a little independence.  I started going crazy organizing cupboards, restyling rooms, oh and did I mention organising cupboards? But there are only so many times you can change a room around and/or clean a cupboard before people start saying things.

When I was a wee girl the best thing I remember about my birthday parties were the amazing cakes my Nana would create me, think Australian Womens Weekly Dolly Varden. So when I had kids I wanted to pass this tradition down, who was I kidding I can’t bake and my cakes were a absolute flop. After the first 2 years I gave up with that tradition but decided I would go crazy with decorating and create a party that was beautiful, colourful and fun.

So when those feet started itching I decided that maybe I could use this passion and turn it into a business.

It has certainly not been easy and has been a huge learning curve but I have loved the results.  When I first started I was not so great on the sewing machine and if I had 10cents for every time I pricked myself with a pin or needle I would be very rich. But now the sewing machine and me are good friends, even if I still do prick myself with pins and needles.

I love the look on children’s face when they walk into their party venue and see what we have done; this makes all the hard work worth it.


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