The Couch, The Dining Table, The Kitchen Bench……

In your house these are probably a place most people sit to eat food, relax or catch up with friends and family over a coffee (or wine).

In mine these have at any one time served as my office, Laptop set up with a mess (creative of course) surrounding me.


Of course I do actually have an office dedicated to Party by Design, but a lot of times this is a Creative (danger) zone, this is where styling takes place so the floor is usually covered with materials, candy jars and props. This leaves very little space for me to get to my desk (which is usually taken over by a sewing machine or paints) and the hazards of trying to get to this desk leaves me running to the dining table to work.

A SAHWM is what I am  – confused by these letters? I am a Stay at Home Working Mum, I juggle running a business with children and running a home. I work when the kids are at school, in between tidying up, washing, cooking etc. Of course it is not as bad as it sounds, the kids are at school everyday and I have an amazing partner who does a lot of this stuff too.

With the youngest sprog turning 5 and at school everyday I have decided to bite the bullet and hire an office space close to home for Party by Design. Kinda makes me feel all official but really it will just be a desk and chair and somewhere I can take my laptop and get productive without the distractions and interruptions that come with working from home.

So the search begins, fingers crossed I find one soon before I turn one of the kids rooms into a work space hehe.

Off to get productive now, hmmm where to work today?



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